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The Safest and Most Reliable
Portable Heaters in North America
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The Benefits of Electric Heat

No Exhaust, No Ventilation Required

No Fuel Spills or Odors, No Clean Up

100% Energy Efficiency

Zero Downtime for Refuelling

Simple Design, Easily Repaired

GREEN, Environmentally Friendly

The Patron E-Series Difference
  1. Over-Engineering: Patron heaters are built for years of use in the most challenging applications around.
  2. Fan/Airflow: Patron heaters feature the strongest fans possible in a "cannon" style heat chamber, to ensure maximum air circulation. You can expect a more even rise in temperature through an entire room, rather than just a small part of the room (as is most "space heaters").
  3. Heating Elements: They feature the most advanced heating elements (coils) on the market. Each element is coated in Magnesium, then enclosed in a stainless steel jacket. These elements are nothing but heavy-duty.

Company News

Introducing the Patron E6 Electric Heater!

Posted on 2011-09-01

Patron is proud to announce the release of the new E6 electric heater. The E6 is a 6kW unit which supplement the existing lineup of electric heaters perfectly. A 240V unit with only 25 amps, it will plug into a dryer outlet for maximum efficiency. Patron believes it creates a great combination between the E6 and E9, as the E9 will easily plug into a electric range/stove outlet. The E6 brings you the same quality and ruggedness of which you have come to expect from all of our products. Please contact us for more information on this new and exciting unit!

Rentquip Acquires Patron Products Inc.

Posted on 2010-10-18

Shawn Parks and Jim Freeman, co-owners of Rentquip Canada Limited are pleased to announce the acquisition of both Patron Products Inc. (Canada) and Patron Products USA Inc. The transaction is effective September 1, 2010. Since 1991 Patron has been a leading supplier to the Canadian and US construction, rental, and special event markets. They have earned a reputation for manufacturing high quality and efficient portable electric, propane and indirect-fired heaters. Patron heaters are known to meet the rigorous demands of North American rental companies. All products will continue to be marketed under the Patron name, however all sales and services will be conducted by Rentquip Canada. “The addition of Patron to the Rentquip product offering will complete the current line of heaters”, says Shawn Parks, co-owner of Rentquip Canada. “We have always, been impressed by the quality and efficiency of the Patron line. This is the next logical step for Rentquip and fits well with our strategy of working closely with key manufacturers to provide the sales and service support required by the rental industry.” Jim Freeman goes on to explain that Patron Products USA of Buffalo, NY will become Rentquip USA Limited. The US side of the business will continue uninterrupted and provide an excellent opportunity for Rentquip to establish itself and potentially increase the product offering to existing American Patron accounts.