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E-Series Electric Heaters

The Benefits of Electric Heat

No Exhaust, No Ventilation Required

No Fuel Spills or Odors, No Clean Up

100% Energy Efficiency

Zero Downtime for Refuelling

Simple Design, Easily Repaired

GREEN, Environmentally Friendly

The Patron E-Series Difference
  1. Over-Engineering: Patron heaters are built for years of use in the most challenging applications around.
  2. Fan/Airflow: Patron heaters feature the strongest fans possible in a "cannon" style heat chamber, to ensure maximum air circulation. You can expect a more even rise in temperature through an entire room, rather than just a small part of the room (as is most "space heaters").
  3. Heating Elements: They feature the most advanced heating elements (coils) on the market. Each element is coated in Magnesium, then enclosed in a stainless steel jacket. These elements are nothing but heavy-duty.

Electric Heaters

Patron E Series fan-forced electric heaters set the standard for heavy-duty portable electric heat. They feature rugged construction, a powder coated steel housing, and a high quality sealed motor. Each unit is equipped with overheat protection and stays cool even when the heater is running. They are capable of a very quick and high temperature rise, with the industrial-grade fan distributing warm air powerfully.


5,100 btu/Hr
1.5kW / 115V / 15A


10,200 btu/Hr
3kW / 230V / 15A


20,500 btu/Hr
6kW / 230V / 25A


20,500/30,700 btu/Hr
9kW / 230V / 37.5A


65,000 btu/Hr
18kW / 230V~1 / 81A


65,000 btu/Hr
18kW / 230V~3 / 47A


136,500 btu/Hr
40kW / 480V / 50A


136,500 btu/Hr
40kW / 575V / 41A


205,000 btu/Hr
60kW / 480V / 75A