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Milwaukee's New Rotary Lasers - Setting a Benchmark in Precision and Durability

Posted on 2024-02-12

Introducing Milwaukee's latest lineup of cordless Rotary Laser levels, meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional precision and durability across various applications. With universal features such as Impact Protection, Simplified Menu Navigation, and an impressive 1.5-meter drop and tip rating, these levels are built to withstand the demands of the job site. Each model offers reliability and functionality tailored to professionals' needs. With clear visibility backlit LED screens and intuitive navigation, Milwaukee's Rotary Laser levels ensure optimal performance in any environment, empowering users to achieve precise results with confidence. Milwaukee's Rotary Laser levels are the ultimate tools for fast, accurate results on the job site.

M18 Cordless Propane Heaters - NEW from Milwaukee

Posted on 2023-06-21

Our M18™ 70,000 BTU Forced Air Propane Heater delivers best in class heat output and is equipped with optimal access to heat settings. The variable heat output control and forced air fan allow for optimal heat in cold weather conditions, delivering BTUs Rated from 30,000 - 70,000. Powered by a brushless motor, our M18™ Propane Heater will deliver all day run time on an M18™ XC 5.0 battery (batteries and charger sold separately). With AC/DC functionality and ergonomic design, our Propane Heater can easily be transported and used in various well-ventilated environments. The M18™ Propane Heater has an easy to follow start up process, with a straightforward user interface on the top of the unit for easy access and quick ignition. Equipped with on-board hose storage, this Propane Heater provides space to store its hose and regulator directly on the unit.

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Milwaukee MX Fuel - New Batteries & Equipment for the Trades

Posted on 2019-11-13

Introducing FleetCare by Rentquip

Posted on 2019-04-29

Rentquip Representing Toro Across Canada

Posted on 2019-02-22

Rentquip Canada is excited to announce its new partnership with The Toro Company, of Bloomington, Minn. Rentquip will be representing Toro’s rental division from a sales standpoint across Canada, effective immediately. With nine outside sales representatives from BC to Nova Scotia, Rentquip is positioned to offer industry-leading sales support for Toro - one of the strongest brands in the industry.

Rental stores rely on Toro to deliver easy-to-operate machines that hold up to demands of heavy use, season after season. Toro’s rental and specialty construction business is driven by products that install underground utilities, excavate and move materials, mix mortar and finish concrete for building structures, and compact the earth for secure foundations.

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